Vendor Spotlight: EJ's Farm

Emily of EJ's Farm

We all use soap, so why not purchase it from a local, sustainable business? EJ's Farm is the epitome of natural and handmade, using products straight from the farm in every product. We chatted with Emily to learn a little bit more about her products, why she does what she does, and how we can earn a year's supply of soap!

Golden Triangle Farmers Market: So tell us about EJ's Farm.

Emily: I make farm-crafted bath and body products, mainly soap. Farm-crafted means something from our urban farm goes into each one of our products - infusing oils with different botanicals, using goats milk, using cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins. Some part of our farm is in our products.

GTFM: Why did you start your business?

E: I was making a lot of soap and had people asking if I sold my soap. I was making soap because we had a lot of goats milk from two little goats that produce a lot of milk but weren’t able to use all of it. Once I started making soap I was completely addicted!

GTFM: What do you enjoy most about your job?

E: Coming up with new products that I know my customers will like and building that customer relationship.

GTFM: Why do you love the Golden Triangle Farmers Market?

E: Because it’s awesome! Such a wonderful community. Over the past number of weeks its been running I'm seeing familiar faces even if they’re not buying anything. They come over to ask about how my week is and I ask about their week. I have all these friends that I don’t know, yet I do. It's my farmers market family!

GTFM: What is your favorite vegetable or fruit?

E: Raspberries!

GTFM: Anything fun we should know about EJ's?

E: I have a giveaway coming up where you can win a year's supply of soap! Just enter at my booth at the market!

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