Vendor Spotlight: Slow & Steady Coffee

Chris of Slow & Steady Coffee

A master of lattes and all things caffeine, Chris not only crafts outstanding iced and hot beverages but also adds frequent singing and not-so-skilled juggling to the customer experience at Slow & Steady Coffee. Hear from him on why craft coffee is so important to him, and why he hangs out at Golden Triangle Farmers Market.

Golden Triangle Farmers Market: Tell us about your business, Chris.

Chris: Slow & Steady Coffee Co. is a fully mobile coffee purveyor. We specialize in providing craft coffee beverages to a variety of venues and events around Denver and the surrounding areas. We like to focus on providing an approachable and easygoing coffee experience while upholding the best coffee standards possible. We also try and focus on the importance of giving back to the community with monthly donations to local donations through percentage-based donations of our profits. Ten percent of all profits go to different nonprofits around Denver depending on what current issue we feel needs attention.

GTFM: Why did you start ya mobile coffee business?

C: I felt that I didn't have enough reach with what I was doing and felt I had the potential to expand craft coffee out to a broader audience of people who may not particularly seek it out. In doing so I hopefully start to expand the overall interest in the craft coffee world. Also, I want to be able to inspire other people to create a career out of their passions and dreams.

GTFM: What do you enjoy most about your job?

C: Meeting new people every day!

GTFM: Why do you love the farmers market?

C: It’s a small, community-based market where we have a repeating customer base and people that truly enjoy being there. It is not overwhelming like a lot of large scale farmers markets. As vendors, we can have good, meaningful conversations with shoppers.

GTFM: Do you have a favorite vegetable or fruit?

C: Bananas!

GTFM: Is there anything else we should know?

C:Being at the market has been pretty quintessential to me figuring out my structure and how I want my business to operate since I started back in May. It has been a learning experience but quite awesome with the support everyone alongside at the Market and people I've met through the market.

So come on down to Golden Triangle!

Chris operates and serves drip coffee, espresso, and bottled beverages every Sunday at the market in the alley behind 1112 Broadway. Follow him on social media at

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