Why Eating Locally Matters

“Eat local.”

You’ve heard it a number of times. While it’s a common phrase, there’s also a lot of importance behind the idea of eating locally, and it’s certainly not a passing trend.

It Stimulates Our Local Economy

Local customers buying from local farmers is the ultimate financial model. The money spent on the fresh produce helps keep up the farmland and crops to come, providing continual healthy and fresh food for neighbors to thrive on. Additionally, money spent in your community immediately benefits the community through taxes. Eating locally also provides livable wages for farmers, who are contributors to the local economy like any other business.

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

Local food means less time between the harvest and the dinner table. It’s the freshest it can get, and also the most in-season possible. Seasonality not only tastes better, but is healthier because food is consumed when it is supposed to be. Did you know that blueberries grow in North America from April to October? Outside of this season, they are grown and shipped from South America and can take weeks to arrive to a Colorado grocery store.


Knowing your farmers is just about as community-minded as one can get. Supporting a neighbor in their passion and getting to know them while doing it is arguably one of the most fulfilling activities one can do. Eating local at Golden Triangle Farmers Market allows market-goers to support their vendors and vendors simultaneously provide quality food and ingredients to them.

We look forward to seeing you at our Market!

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